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Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control

Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control
* Turf Establishment
* Slope Stabilization
* Hay Mulching
* Blanket and Mat Installation

Erosion control and soil stabilization are two areas that FSL, a commercial landscaping contractor since 1980, specializes in, utilizing state of the art equipment and operators that are highly trained and professionally certified.

Technically, erosion is the wearing away of natural (earth) and unnatural (embankment, slope protection, structure, etc.) surfaces by the action of external forces. In the case of drainage terminology, this term generally refers to the wearing away of the earth's surface by flowing water.

Proper erosion control methods are critical to soil stabilization and keeping new landscapes and constructed areas intact. FSL uses a variety of methods, including vegetation, such as grasses and wildflowers, and other materials, such as straw, fiber, hydroseeding, stabilizing emulsion, protective blankets, etc. These are placed to stabilize areas disturbed by grading operations, reduce loss of soil due to the action of water or wind, and prevent water pollution.


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