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* Turf Establishment
* Slope Stabilization
* Hay Mulching
* Blanket and Mat Installation

As a Commercial Landscaping Contractor , FSL was an early adopter of hydroseeding technology, part of the ongoing FSL strategy of providing innovative landscape construction solutions.

HydroSeeding is a planting process in which a mix containing high quality seed, hydro seeding mulch, fertilizer and a bonding agent is sprayed onto the area of need. The mix is transported to the job site via our state of the art equipment, where it is professionally sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer. Hydro seeding offers many advantages to the traditional seeding methods. It germinates quickly, inhibits soil erosion, and maintains a level of moisture content that is not possible with traditional methods.

Hydroseeding is also a cost effective alternative to sod, and offers a number of other benefits over traditional seeding methods:

Advantages Of HydroSeeding Over Broadcast (Dry) Seeding
* Faster Germination
* Improved moisture retention
* Better seed to soil contact
* Hydro seeding mulch contains no weed seed unlike straw or hay
* Great for hard to reach/remote areas like hillsides
* No straw or netting to remove
* Holds soil in place better than dry seeding


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